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Use of Certificates and Logos

Ownership of the licenses, documents, conformity marks or any other means used and displayed to show that a product is certified is under the control of Letis Bioteam as defined in the certification program. Arrangements for the use of certificates and marks are based on ISO/IEC Guide 23 and ISO/IEC 17030 (Guidelines for the use of third party marks).

The actions to be taken in case of false references to the certification system in documentation or in advertisements, catalogues and other methods in public transmissions, or misleading use of the license, document and conformity mark that a product is certified are defined.

These actions include corrective actions, withdrawal of the certificate, public disclosure of the violation and other legal actions where necessary. The relevant Ministry regulations and/or ISO/IEC Guide 27 rules are taken into account in the organization of these actions.

Technology & Efficiency

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We conduct projects that will increase our quality and efficiency every day with innovative technologies!

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